spring 2018 update

Strain I, acrylic on canvas, 23x23x1.5". ©2018 kristen m. watson

The birds, flowers, bumble bees, and other buzzy things are out and about. The lilacs are in full bloom right now and it smells as though I've walked into a bouquet of fragrant bliss when I go outside. Spring has finally come to Vermont. 

I have been hard at work on a commission this spring as well as a new series of small and larger artworks. A Show of Hands at Penny Cluse was a great success and I'm glad to say that my contributed art work sold to a lovely supporter and collector.  I've also found time to update my website and add some new original work, greeting cards, and small works which people have loved for their affordability, gift-ability, and ease of adding a dash of color in small places. 


Exhibiting Now

This work, called Tide, began in 2005 and was reworked intermittently for over a decade. How does that much time and life experience change a person? The addition of metallics, lacy fabrics, and broken magnolia leaves speak of tenderness, delicacy and fineness, and the slow, consistent and perfect action of ebbing water to purify, nurture, and reveal.

SEABA has curated a selection of original intuitive works in collage, paint, and ink. This includes pieces from the StratumNaturaAntipode, and Bleed Series.
Original artworks available for purchase.

Innovation Center 128 Lakeside Drive, Burlington, VT
Open daily.

Coming Soon

This piece, Behavior Afflicts Us All, was completed shortly after the 2016 election and is part of the Bleed series. The feelings of dread, fear, confusion, and anger suffuse the red-browns and blacks. Shapes that tumble and bump into one another, bursting, blooming, bleeding. But there is also hope behind it all, peaking through in shy yellows, pinks, and whites- waiting patiently for its opportunity to shine through. 

JUNE 1-SEPT 1, 2018

NEW! Note Cards and Prints For Sale

From the very FRESH and NEW Variable Condition Series, which I'm working on this Spring and summer so keep your eyes peeled for new works and exhibition dates! 

The originals are not for sale but you can buy individual (mix and match!!) or sets of these very cool, premium quality note cards right now. 

Free priority shipping in U.S on print and card orders over $49. Use code LUVART at checkout.

Sequencia: Getting HANDS-ON with paint

Sequencia and the other small works included in the series grew out of my exposure to an intuitive approach to painting developed by Ric Campman in Brattleboro. I have always used my fingers as a painting tool so this method spoke to me right away. I use it to "warm up" when I enter the studio, although sometimes it becomes the work

Join me to learn this unique, intuitive approach to painting this fall at the Davis Studio.
Get details and enroll here. 

 Creative time is always the right gift for yourself
or a special person in your life.

"I wanted to tell you what a wonderful instructor Kristen is. I just completed her eight week photography course and couldn't be happier with the amount of knowledge she brought to the class. 

Her explanations are clear and concise and she takes the extra time and effort with everyone and shares an abundance of useful information.

I am looking forward to the field trips she is planning for next year where I am sure she won't disappoint us.

Thanks for having her as an instructor!"

Patricia D.

Interested in trying painting, collage, or mixed media work but don't have the space or resources to invest in the materials and supplies?
Try Artist Open Studio sessions. You bring your imagination; I supply the rest! My studio is open by appointment for Artist Open Studio

I'm also scheduling private and small group classes now in painting, mixed media, and collage. 

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Give the gift of guided creative time to yourself or a special someone. Gift certificates can be used on any service or artwork on my website.

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Summer Art Camps and Fall Classes for all ages.
Photography, digital design, stop-motion, and NEW THIS YEAR! GRAFFITI & STREET ART. Some are wait-listed and others are filling up fast so don't wait to enroll.
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Clockwise from top: The Forest Grew Up Around Us found a new home this month (thank you Sarah!); enjoying spring with my class of young artists at Davis Studio. They worked so hard grew so much as people and as artists this year. So did I!  I'm truly blessed to be able to take part in their lives and artistic development; a cherished handmade card from student, Lucy. We share a love of Pusheen the Cat; a detail ofVivian, a 40x40 inch commission I just completed for a patron in Wallingford. It will be used along with other commissioned works as a set piece for a new play; one of my favorites from the Sequencia series found a home with Orah. Thank you so much for your support! 


Kristen M. Watson

Kristen makes and teaches art in a broad range of media. She’s a licensed art educator and masters of Art education candidate at St. Michael’s college. She is also a member of the Vermont Arts Council teaching artist roster. As a teaching artist, Kristen splits her time between her home studio and the classroom. She teaches analog, digital, and stop-motion (claymation) processes to children and adults at Burlington City Arts. She’s also teaches visual arts at Davis Studio, Burlington. Kristen’s work focuses on mixed media painting and installations. She exhibits her work locally and regionally in both group and solo shows, and has been selected for several juried exhibits. Her work is also held in private collections. She has completed artist residencies at the Vermont Studio Center in Johnson, Vermont and Rensing Center, South Carolina.