About the images:

From the top, left to right:

  • rəˈflekt, kristen m. watson, 2016, cosmetics ingredients list written using make up on mirror, overall dimensions approximately 60" x 240". written alphabetically by mirror from left to right. These mirrors document the letters A-P. Contact artist for pricing. 
    • /rәˈflekt/ is an ongoing project documenting the unregulated chemicals and ingredients contained in health & beauty products. More than 10,500 chemicals are used in H&B products. Many are known carcinogens, endocrine and reproductive system disruptors. Women use three times as many H&B products as men daily, exposing themselves to over 80 unique chemicals. For more information visit: http://www.cir-safety.org/ingredients  and  http://www.ewg.org/research/exposing-cosmetics-cover-up
  • 100% Natural I & II, Mary Admasian, 2016, Wood mirror, barbed wire, found objects, grasses, HABA products, $440

  • Lost Innocence, Mary Admasian, Barbed wire, netting, Charaxes butterfly, netting, floral wire, and thread, $560

  • Blessed, Mary Admasian, Barbed wire, silk, gold wire, wedding veil, $1,250

  • Love Thyself, Mary Admasian, Vintage wood mirror, white wash, silk covered barbed wire, $1,250
  • Third Eye Blind, Mary Admasian, White paint, barbed wire, silk, $1,250
  • Life in the cabinet (timeline of a woman's life)  Kristen M. Watson, Medicine cabinets, H&B products, digital print collage, vanity, vintage mirror, $1,315
    • comments on the external social and marketing influences that target girls from a very young age with a paradigm that impresses the importance of body type and "age appropriate" appearance including the consumption & application of dozens of beauty products to gain social acceptance, professional success, love, partnership, and children.  
  • Objects of industry (Pin up), Kristen M. Watson, Velcro curlers, Gil Elvgren art reproductions, adhesive, acrylic gesso, mirror, $815
  • True/False, Kristen M. Watson, False eyelashes, cosmetics, acrylic gesso, mirror, adhesive on canvas, $315
  • Eyeview, Mary Admasian, Birch panel, acrylic, toy vanity, glitter nail polish, eye shadow, $315
  • Am I Pretty Enough for You Yet?, Kristen M. Watson in collaboration with Mary Admasian, Dressing table & chair, cosmetics, beauty products and ephemera, lingerie, $1,375

  • 25/75Kristen M. Watson, Color-processed & natural human hair, acrylic boxes, adhesive, foam core on wooden mounts, $560

Additional images of opening reception, in studio processes and prototypes.

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Castleton University Lecture Panel Discussion, March 9, 2017