The Antipode Series

All works 2015, Akua soy-based ink on archival paper, approximately 12 x 12 in. unframed. 

Left to right from top:

  • Untitled (violet chine collé)
  • Hips (chine collé)
  • Stamen (chine collé) (SOLD)
  • Stamped (chine collé)
  • Auburn Lily (chine collé)
  • Deconstructed Lily

Monoprints created by layering and manipulating soy-based inks, found objects, and patterned print plates, and torn papers

The Anitpode (exact opposite) series developed during a class I took with artist Susan Smereka. She taught me how to create multi-pass monoprints by preparing up to three printing plates ahead of time. I had to consider what I wanted the final outcome to be and arrange and handle the plates accordingly. Using additive and subtractive techniques, ghost plates (inked plates that had already been through the press once, or more), ink-saturated papers and found objects I manipulated the composition, transparency, shape and color. In the end it became a study of contrasts between opacity and transparency, smooth and textured or patterned layers, indistinct versus graphic marks, and true versus mixed colors. In retrospect, for me it was also about the mix of synthetic and organic objects used to create the shapes too. It was interesting to watch the Easter Lily blossoms respond to the press, leaving their pollen on the prints, and eventually falling apart as they were crushed by the press. The beauty of this technique is that no print can can be made twice, and no matter how skillfully planned, there is always a degree of uncertainty about the outcome, and I had to give myself over to serendipity in order to really love monoprinting.

Exploratory monotypes

Using acrylic, watercolor, and oil paint, I work on panes of glass rescued from a discarded antique window and hand press the image with a wooden spoon onto paper.

L to R from top: Articulation, 12x9in., Firmament, 9x12in., , Chartreuse, 9x12in., Concord 9x12in., Rouge, 12x9in., Halos, 9x12in., My Own Little Orbit, 9x12in., Crimson, 18x24in., Red-Orange, 24x18in.  All works 2014. $180.

Please contact me to purchase these original artworks.