This project is an ongoing series of apothecary style jars, rather like memento mori, that have been amassed over years. Since I was a little girl I've collected objects that held some sacredness to me, whether because I was amazed my their shape, color, form, or function (bones, bird feathers, and butterfly wings), or because of some personal or universal significance (IV tubing, confetti, rubber gizmos). Many objects I collect have lost their original function-once a bird is dead the feathers are "useless". I rescue these objects because to me they are now something else, something new and different. Their useful life is not over, just redirected, reimagined.  I wanted to keep, hold, and observe these objects. This instinct, I believe, is common to humans, as is the need to contain, control, organize, and compartmentalize. , and I'm an obsessive collector of containers. All kinds. I love their potential for containing in every sense of the word- protection, neatness, control, safety. 

Sorry, Reliquary is not for sale at this time.