Altered book, 2013-, approx. 6 x 9 in. (single page), mixed media on paper.

The act of defacing a perfectly good book made my nose wrinkle, at first. Libraries must constantly discard worn out and antiquated books to make room for new titles, a sad truth most of us don't realize. I began using this discarded book, a western young adult title from the sixties, to create miniature studies for larger works, and experiment with new and unfamiliar media and techniques. The book's small size (6x9 inches) makes it ideal for travel; I can toss it in my backpack and work in snippets, responding to words on the lovely pages (they made books out of higher quality paper back in the day).

The most interesting part about these works is that at they are neatly contained, back to back, tucked away, inside this unassuming book, which used to be full of words that built a story, and is now full of pictures, textures, and colors, that tell a different tale. Click on an image to begin slideshow.

Sorry, these works are not for sale at this time.